CREATING SUPER IMMUNITY–THE EQUIPMENT TO GET YOU STARTED!!!   THE RAW FOOD KITCHEN—-WHEN UPGRADING YOUR HEALTH, YOU’RE GOING TO NEED SOME BASIC EQUIPMENT! OK, ARE YOU READY TO CREATE SUPER IMMUNITY IN YOUR BODY, AND TAKE YOUR HEALTH TO RIDICULOUSLY HIGH LEVELS??  At The Raw Food Intsitute, creating super immunity is our mission! Ever heard the term…  “Everthing in moderation?”  Ok, this might surprise you…. hold the babies ears…. but that phrase must be thrown out with the trash!!!  With all the toxins and chemicals being thrown our way these days, we need an armor of defense.  And yes, FOOD can get you there.  But not that so called food, loaded with chemicals in the shiny wrappers.  That is not food!!!  We have to go deeper into advanced techniques these days to get outrageous health!  To do this, you are going to have to make some changes in the kitchen, and yes, make a couple of investments.   But hey…  you are going to pay now, or pay later.  I’d rather pay now! When starting your raw food kitchen, it helps to have a variety of equipment to make interesting meals! In this video, I go over the equipment I keep on my kitchen counter and how to use them for raw food success!

VITAMIX-My favorite machine is the Vitamix. This machine allows you to make creamy soups and smoothies. The blades spin at 240 mph, making it nearly as powerful as a grass mower. The Vitamix will breakdown food to the cellular level, so that your body can absorb and assimilate the nutrients much faster! JUICER-A good quality juicer is a MUST HAVE if you are in a healing period. Juicing extracts the juice, so that the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes get delivered into your blood stream and to your cells in minutes. This is the most powerful healing tool I have!  Flooding the body with green juice is powerful, powerful, powerful! FOOD PROCESSOR-The food processor is extremely useful for chopping vegetables into small pieces, making purees, blending dressings, and creating interesting textures like cauliflower rice. I love to use the food processor when preparing a large meal for the family. It can cut my prep time in half! DEHYDRATOR-The dehydrator is a fun raw food tool. This will remove all the moisture from your food, preserving it for weeks. I use my dehydrator to get creative in the kitchen: making raw crackers, cookies for the kids, vegetable chips, and more! SPIROOLI/MANDOLINE-The spirooli and mandolin are fun tools. You can use these to make interesting shapes from your vegetables. The spirooli makes pasta shaped vegetables and the mandolin can be used for raviolis, match sticks, and other textures. Gotta have this for kitchen fun! When setting yourself up for raw food success – it helps to have a well stocked kitchen! But of course, the only things you really need to go raw is a bunch of fresh vegetables, a good knife, and fork and bowl! “A salad a day keeps the doctor away!” Enjoy getting creative in the kitchen with raw foods! For more recipe ideas, or to download our free ebook, visit this link! Follow us on Facebook…or Twitter! Muncha – Muncha – Muncha    🙂