Guest Dara Dubinet of Live Love Raw shares her 2-Minute Health Tip about cleansing inside and out.

So whats been coming up alot at this raw food expo is that as within, so without. So a beauty and health tip that i would like to share with you that’s not often talked about is that when we start detoxifying our bodies, we want to also start decluttering our homes. It’s like magic, because as within, so without.

Our homes are a reflection of our insides. so you want to take a look at your homes, your bedroom. You want to see if there’s things on the floor, behind doors. Picture someone coming to your home. Always feel as if your home is about to be for sale. You want it to feel clean. You want the energy to flow, just like you want the energy to flow in your body, in your intestines, in your lymphatic system. We don’t want to be cluttered and stuck at home, so it’s definitely important to take a look at that.. so that’s a huge, it’s a tip that’s kind of surprising and magic.

So when you go home, or when you stop looking at this video, pick up a garbage bag, and fill the bag with 27 items. It doesn’t matter whether you give away an item, you throw it away, it doesn’t matter. Just remove 27 items a day and your life will change, and you will feel prettier, you will start to lose weight, you’ll start to feel lighter, you’ll start to feel fresher.

So that’s an interesting health and beauty tip that goes along with eating a raw food diet. They go hand in hand. You’ll notice that when you start to detoxify your body, you`ll want to live in a clean environment. The same thing goes when you start decluttering your home, you start feeling better, you’ll want to start feeding yourself better.

27 items because I studied Black Sect Buddhist Feng Shui and 27 add sup to the number 9, which is an auspicious number in china. It’s basically that every are in your home corresponds to an area in your life. There is a beauty and health area. There is a love and partnership area. There is a great book called the Western Guide to Feng Shui by Terah Kathryn Collins. Very easy, layman feng shui, and it will change your life.

Dara Dubinet consistently inspires people to live a high raw vegan lifestyle. check out her website LIVE LOVE RAW for more info