Project Description

Susi R Raw Food Testimonial“Lisa was amazingly knowledgeable, passionate, caring and fun.”

The April Raw Food Institute was truly an immersion into raw food living. It was a wonderful and effective way to learn what a raw food lifestyle consists of and how to implement it in one’s life. There was absolutely no pressure on participants to become 100% raw yet their was a quality of seduction into that world because we were catered to so beautifully and the food was so attractive, abundant and delicious. I left there knowing I had the knowledge, basic skills and support to implement many healthy improvements to my diet and wellbeing (and that of my clients). Lisa was amazingly knowledgeable, passionate, caring and fun. The volunteer support staff was also great. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is wanting and willing to upgrade their health and that of their loved ones — whether dealing with a health crisis or simply from being aware of the potential problems of the typical modern eating habits.

Susi R