Nate S

If you are looking to take back control of your health, RFI is a must

Rhonda TC

Our individual quest to experience something new and beneficial brought us together to share 7 days of incredible learning, amazing food, and an increased love of and respect for ones life.

Kim B

If you are thinking about this, just do it, your cells will love you for it!!

Shelby R

the experience was so life-affirming and so rewarding

Andrew and Emily S

Our experience at The Raw Food Institute improved our energy levels, sleeping patterns, and overall health.

Marianna K

I'm so glad I went to the Raw Food Institute!

Susi R

Lisa was amazingly knowledgeable, passionate, caring and fun.

Sandra C

The week experience was life changing, transforming.

Laura W

I am truly amazed at the education we garnered and the results we as a group achieved in just seven days. Lisa Wilson and her team of practitioners taught us an extraordinary amount of information in record time

Heide M-H

The experience was so life-affirming and so rewarding, and empowered me with so much information to take home and share, that in the end it benefited my family and friends almost as much as it did me!