vegan chocolate pudding

Do you ever just feel like you need a little something sweet? This is a recipe I put together that completely satisfies my chocolate and fat craving. This is not part of our medicinal and therapeutic program we teach at The Raw Food Institute. This is what I refer to as recreational raw. Yes, just for fun. Oh–but it is WAY better for you than any pudding you can purchase at the store. IT IS MY BLISS!
For me, this satisfies that occasional sweet/fat craving & keeps me going!
-4 avocados
-meat of 2 coconuts-if you’ve never opened a coconut, then use the hard part you scoop from an organic can of coconut milk for now. Reserve the liquid for your raw blended, curry soups. You’re coconut skills will come!
-3-4 heaping tbsp raw cacao
-1 c cashews/4 heaping tbsp raw honey
-1 tsp vanilla bean
-1/2 tsp sea salt
****Blend on high. Serve chilled in pretty dessert glasses

  • vegan chocolate pudding
  • avocado
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