Become a Certified Raw Food Educator (CRFE) and learn the tools you need to successfully and confidently coach your clients in raw food nutrition, detoxification, and healing.

This amazing 12 week program combines online courses and modules with weekly group coaching calls to give you all the knowledge, and support you need to help you develop your CRFE business to the level you dream of. Take part in this cutting edge program, only available at The Raw Food Institute! Read on for all the details. BTW, this program gets over-the-moon RAVE reviews! Mmhm–we’re proud of this one!

You won’t find this anywhere else.

As a Certified Raw Food Educator (CRFE) you will be able to:

  • Counsel individuals on adopting a healing raw food diet
  • Help people on their personal healing journey with raw foods
  • Write articles, books, and other literature on raw food nutrition
  • Teach raw foods “un-cooking” classes
  • Hold group classes on the powers of raw foods
  • Confidently do one-to-one raw food coaching

Turnkey Opportunity

Everything you need to get started as a Raw Food Educator right down to our done-for-you powerpoint presentations, so you can get right to work on building your business. Are you as excited about this one, as we are?!

Heart Based

Learn to build an authentic and compassionate business through engaging your heart and spirit.

Business Training

Learn the nuts and bolts of operating a business through specific examples and step by step support.

The Raw Food Educator Program consists of:

  • Five 45 minute Online Lectures
  • Handouts and Exercises to accompany each lecture
  • Final exam required for completion of the program
  • 12 Weekly Business Success Calls for step-by-step guidance

What you get

  • 11 PowerPoint Presentations created FOR YOU so that you can teach group classes and clients
  • Eligible to attend our world class Advanced Training Workshops, exclusive to our RFE’s! Talk about a mastermind, success training group!
  • Get Paid for the People You Enroll in the RFI Immersion Program
  • Learn how To Find Clients to Coach
  • Our amazing Coaching Template
  • Certificate of Completion from The Raw Food Institute on becoming a Raw Food Educator

Online Training

Self paced and convenient, accessible 24/7 from anywhere. PJ’s welcome! 😉

Audio Lectures

Busy? We’ve got a solution for that. Quality lectures packed with information-on the go!

Documents and Handouts

Supporting documents and audience ready presentations you can use to teach. (Pinch me, really??) Done for me presentations? We think this is worth the cost of the program alone! All for YOU!

Online class topics

  • Working With Clients Meeting the client where they’re at, walking the walk, dealing with illness and loving what you do.
  • Finding Your Niche Where can raw foods take you? Adding skills to what you already do / coaching 1 to 1 / group success teaching. How to be an educator and working with healing groups.
  • Organizing Your Raw Food Business Do you need to incorporate? How to handle finances, organizing your office and client folders, staying motivated, setting goals and making your vision a reality. Say YES to your success!
  • Developing a Client’s Raw Food Program How to group the Raw Food Institute protocol into a well organized learning structure for your clients, group classes, or those you will be working with.
  • Marketing, Gathering Clients, How to Close (tastefully) and What to Charge Developing the right language around health and sales, good marketing tools and solid strategies to make sure your investment pays off.

What you will learn during the LIVE weekly calls with business coaching expert Lynda Carpenter

  • How to use our proprietary Coaching Template for consistent Raw Food coaching. The Coaching Template will show you how to coach and be consistent so that your clients get maximum value from their time with you.
  • Client Intake Forms and Coaching agreements are provided so you can get started immediately. 
  • Learning What your clients Expect from you. Your client has expectations of you. If you  have any chance of meeting those expectations, you need to know what they are. This conversation is masterful at making sure you are on the same page.
  • How to work with your client’s physician. This is more than just legal protection, it is a great source for referrals.
  • The difference between coaching, consulting and teaching. You may find yourself doing all three but how much should you charge for each and which should be the main forces for your successful business.
  • Knowing your numbers. How to build a business rather than a hobby. What numbers should you track? How will you track them? Separating your business from your personal finances.
  • Create your Ideal Client Profile. How to build your business with clients you love working with. How to ensure that every time you look at your calendar you are excited to meet with the clients that are scheduled.
  • Basic networking successfully. What do you say when asked “What do you do?” Where are the best places for you meet the people you really want to see on your calendar? How to turn a business card exchange into a new client ASAP.
  • Advanced networking successfully. How to get everyones business card at a networking event.
  • Marketing successfully. Your Website, Blogging, Facebook, Twitter
  • Set inspiring goals. SMART goals are important. You will go a step (or two) further so that your goals stretch your ability and inspire you to what is possible for your business and your live. Use the same technique to help your clients set goals that inspire them to stay focused and on track.

All Inclusive

Everything you need to become a Raw Food Educator.

Registration is only $1000.

Attending the Immersion Program is a required prerequisite.The Immersion Program is not included in the registration fee.

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Attending the Immersion Program is a required prerequisite for enrolling in the Raw Food Educator program.

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