392502_4169201782836_2012631676_n-300x300I DON’T WEAR DEODORANT! Haven’t for years. ((On occasion, I wear a natural one made of lavender and bentonite clay–WOW, a deodorant that actually PULLS toxins from your body! Novel.)) Why? Those toxic chemicals go right up the lymph nodes. Did you know 99% of cancers in the breast contain parabens, a chemical found in many soaps & deodorants.Won’t touch an antiperspirant, as most contain aluminum. Kinda not so interested in Alzheimer’s…Soap?? NO, I’ve ditched that too… I now wash my face with charcoal, or with my own mix of cucumber, chlorella & clay.Showers? I use a peppermint oil. It’s wonderfully invigorating.

My next frontier? I’m going to try dry shampoo, to see if I can go longer between hair washings.

Lotions? I’ve ditched them long ago. They will clog up the skin, and it won’t be able to breathe! NOT GOOD! I bathe in coconut & essential oils–shave with it too.

Tooth paste? My favorite is Thieves, though I have a few others. Often though, I just use coconut oil & Neem oil.

Perfume? Can’t stand it. Instant head ache now. Occasionally some essential oils will do.

Smell? I don’t think so, or perhaps I smell just a little more me!

It feels sooo good to be naturally clean!

How about you? Have you gone natural too?? ;))