A video of Lisa Wilson talking about Linda Zeller as her inspiration during her recent Raw Food speaking tour.

linda_zeller-300x300MEET MY FRIEND LINDA ZELLER. LINDA IS 19 YEARS CANCER FREE WITH RAW FOODS! We just finished up our speaking tour together that we do each summer! SHE IS MY INSPIRATION AND THE REASON I DO WHAT I DO! She was diagnosed with ovarian & colon cancer. She chose not to do surgery, chemo or radiation and instead checked into the Gerson Institute in Mexico for 3 weeks. After 18 months of following this program strictly, she was cancer free and is still healthy today. She considers herself a purists and continues to eat 85% raw vegan today. She still juices daily(6-8 glasses), takes her enzymes, niacin, far infrared rays (SOQI bed), ERE, Epower etc. At age 60, she glows with radiance! She also is an educator and travels the country teaching physicians the power of natural healing! IT IS AN HONOR TO KNOW HER!!!