Summer means freedom. Freedom to express, write, linger, explore, and dream.

Summer is undoubtedly my favorite time of year. I mean, how can it not be? Between the lingering sunsets, warm beach days, and blossoming flowers, it’s hard not to feel happier during this time of year. This year is an especially significant summer for my family. My son is graduating high school and moving to college, my sister is getting married, and we have some exciting travel plans lined up. I like to make the most of the warm weather and sunshine –– it’s good for the soul.


And, I have a few excellent summer planning secrets to help you get the most out of the prettiest time of year.


When sitting to map out my summer plans I definitely have a few tricks up my sleeve to get the most out of my favorite season. A lot of it comes down to planning activities that make you feel good, taking advantage of the longer, warmer days to get fitter, and incorporating a ton of healthy summer veggies into your diet!


My secrets to creating the ideal summer first involves getting my plans straightened out. Moving my son to college and attending my sister’s wedding will offer incredible, new experiences.


My recommendation is to make the most out of family time during the summer months.


  • Enjoy a fresh glass of green juice with your friends or family as the summer sun sets.
  • Set up picnics or opt to eat outside with your family during the longer evenings.
  • Choose outdoor activities with family and friends instead of hanging out inside. This is healthier for you and will get you more of that awesome Vitamin D that the sun offers.
  • Another secret I have for crafting a perfect summer is to eat plenty of healthy summer vegetables. Everything blossoms in the sun, including a whole range of delicious fruits and vegetables. Incorporating these into your diet helps you really feel like summer, inside and out. Not to mention it’s always best to eat fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. They’re going to be the freshest and packed with the most vitamins and nutrients.


Some summer vegetables that I always make sure to get into my diet are arugula for light, scrumptious salads, cucumbers, which I put into my water, and I also love incorporating shallots, zucchini, bell peppers, and mushrooms into my summer meals.


These are all in season during summer and taste their best!


I find that when I enjoy these summer foods while ‘in season’ I simply feel better, inside and out.


Feeling better about what you’re putting into your body also makes you want to do other great things for yourself. Summer is an excellent time of year to get more active. The shining sun makes you want to get outside, the heat has you looking for the nearest beach or pool, and the longer days make it possible to do an outdoor workout after getting home from work! Use the longer days and warmer months to help your body get to its fittest.


Some great ways to get fit outside this summer are as simple as walking along the sand, going for an early evening run, or hopping in the local pool and doing some laps. Opt for exercises and activities that take advantage of the sunshine and longer days. You’ll have the rest of the year to run it out on the treadmill, so use these months to opt for the outdoors.


Other great summer secrets are to take weekend adventures and travels whenever possible! Going camping is a great way to get in nature when it’s most beautiful. Taking a weekend trip to the seaside helps calm your soul and the salt water is good for your skin and health. An awesome weekend adventure is often just a few hours away and is a great way to reset your mood. This offers more opportunities to spend time with those you love as well, although I cherish the occasional solo journey.


Of course, planning the ideal summer comes down to doing what you love to do most. This is the season that signifies freedom. The sun allows us to be free from our home for longer and the seasonal vegetables offer us the freedom to eat incredibly healthy, fresh veggies. Vitamin D, which the sun provides, is great for your body and mind.


Most importantly, the time spent with those you love and doing what you love is good for your soul.


Here’s to a beautiful summer!