Retired investment banker, Donald Porter: reverses (2007)  stage IV prostate cancer (psa: 39),  metastasized to hip bone naturally, with food & one magical (& simple) solution.  From the LIVE INTERVIEW on  SUNDAY MARCH 31, 7PM.

From Donald:



As a retired Investment Banker I was aware (sort of) of the extensive use of chemicals to produce our foods (animal & vegetable)therefore sought to minimize the use of these foods.

In April 2007, however, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastasized Prostate Cancer with 3+ years to live, if I complied with the recommended medical procedures.

I opted to do NO CHEMO, NO RADIATION & minimal drugs. Rather, I chose to adopt a stringent organic whole/plant/raw food diet. Certain books that I had read about relying on our over-worked (by chemicals, etc.) Immune Systems seemed like the best way to beat my Stage IV Cancer. This Immune Enhancing Diet (along with a few other specifics) worked to allow me to beat my cancer in about 6 months.

Also a high pH Alkaline Protocol derived from Dr. Otto Warburg, Noble Prize Winner for identifying the cause and cancer cure, became available, so I adopted this Protocol also.

I still maintain a not so stringent organic whole/plant/raw food diet enjoying Exceptional Health and NO cancer recurrence.

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