I bring you to the strangest places don’t I?

Well, hi! I’m Lisa Wilson bringing you your 2-Minute Health Tip of the day with The Raw Food Institute.

Welcome to my little laundry room. So what is the most toxic chemical in your home? Well frankly it’s this stuff right here. I found an old bottle, this is your fabric softener and once this residue gets all over your clothes it goes right into your skin and immediately right into the bloodstream. This stuff is really quite toxic. So we want to eliminate it. Same thing with those dryer sheets.

So I want to show you what I do in my bathroom instead, because we as a nation frankly are being assaulted on a daily basis with the chemicals in our food, in the air, in the water. So anytime we can relieve the toxic burden just a little bit in any way possible I really try to have a chemical free home.

So I do this stuff. It’s just the plain old fashioned vinegar. I literally go into the store and load up, I probably buy it once a year and I buy 10-12 jugs because I use it for so many things from cleaning my floors to sometimes cleaning my sinks or the bathtub.

Ok, for using it in the laundry room, where you would put your soaps or laundry dispensers, I put my chemical free all natural detergent. In the slot next to it I put vinegar. It’s so EASY! Then into that I put a couple drops of essential oils. I happen to love the orange, so I keep a bottle of orange in here but you might like lemon or peppermint or lavender or purity. Any of those, put 2 drops right in and that’s your natural fabric softener. Cool right? REALLY COOL.

The second thing I like to do is I keep this wash cloth in my bathroom because the fabric sheets are just as awful, so I take a couple drops and put it right on the washcloth, toss that in, and that’s going to act like my fabric softener. AND this yummy smell gets all over the clothes and just gives your laundry a really refreshing scent.

So I hope you enjoyed that, now you can detoxify your laundry room as well.

So that is your 2-Minute Health Tip of the day we will see you next time!

-Lisa Wilson