Hi it’s Lisa Wilson with The Raw Food Institute bringing you your 2-Minute Health Tip of the day!

I want to talk about oils. Now, a lot of people on the raw-vegan diet really grab onto the low-fat raw vegan. While that gained popularity for a particular period of time, long-term health consequences are in question. So, I do add a lot of healthy fats and oils to my diet. Fat nourishes us. It feeds our brain, our skin, our connective tissues, and it’s a really important piece of the diet.

So these are the fats that I have in my house. Now when it comes to fats, in an ideal world you really want to have organic, cold pressed, in an opaque container. You don’t want to keep it right next to the stove where it can get damaged by heat. All oils are very delicate, damaged by heat, light, and oxygen, so you don’t want to cook with these oils. If you want to add it to your meals, you want to add your oils later.

So these are the oils that I like to use. Coconut oil, the medium chain triglycerides – GREAT brain food, olive oil of course i love, hemp oil. Some of the medium chain triglycerides, these are 6-18 times more powerful than coconut oil these are the upgraded mcts. They are palm oil combinations with the coconut oil. I also have been turned onto black cumin seed oil. This one is a really cool one, my olive leaf oil, with an orac value of 7608. It helps me if I’ve been talking too much, if my throat aches, i take some of that. Flax oil, Udi’s oil, avocado oil.

So, grab some really high quality oils, put a couple of tablespoons in your salad dressings. Enjoy them daily, and they will feed your brain. This is brain food right here.

-Lisa Wilson