Heide M-H

The experience was so life-affirming and so rewarding, and empowered me with so much information to take home and share, that in the end it benefited my family and friends almost as much as it did me!

Jay F.

I want to again alert and share with anyone you must do this retreat, if you are second guessing this RFI retreat , please don't ! , I'm a living testimony, diabetes and high cholesterol free at age 49.

Jennifer Y.

I really appreciate all the information I have received and support and it's invaluable to me

Cynthia N.

I can honestly say the time spent with my sisters at the 2014 Raw Foods Institute Summer Immersion was the most exhilarating and transforming experience of my life! I slept better than I have in years. I had stimulating and informative conversations with interesting people from all over the world about a topic I love to talk about–health and wellness! Most of all, I appreciated the opportunity to enjoy such a life giving experience with my sisters (who I only get to see once a year.) I learned, laughed (a lot) and listened with like minded folks for a whole […]

Cherilyn M

Best thing I ever did!! I had tried everything in the past diets (all of them since I was 12), exercise, yoga, mediation, etc. I decided to give RFI a try why not. I did absolutely every thing Lisa told me to do in that one week and at the end of that one week I had lost 11 lbs, had energy and a new out look on life and found my passion what I was meant to do here in this world.

Michelle L.

Nathan S.

Jennifer N

The Raw Food Institute is simply exceptional. The lectures are packed with shocking and undeniable research in natural remedies including; green juice therapy, cultured foods, medicinal raw foods, supplements, and way MORE!  The classes are so powerful, you immediately feel the energy and vibration in the room. Lisa Wilson is a top notch researcher and a warrior on the front lines of cancer prevention and healing. The knowledge you gain during a retreat is life changing…it’s like finding a treasure every human being is in pursuit of…health and happiness.

Thanks to Lisa and her amazing team, I have discovered a “pearl”.    
Jennifer Needham
~Wakefield MA

Tammy R. and Cali Z.

Lisa C.

Has this ever happened to you ? You learn something really great for your health and are really excited about it. But when you get home and try to put it in place, your family rejects the idea because they aren’t connected to it like you are. Well, this summer my sisters and I decided to learn more about the benefits of raw food. We had independently been dabbling in some ideas but we really were yearning for concrete research and practical applications for ourselves and our families. So, we came to the beautiful Simsbury Inn for a detox week […]